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Do you use a successful trading strategy?

Share your trading approach with others and earn extra money on top of your commissions with copy trading!

How to Become Master Trader

Advantages of Being a Master Trader.

Enter Master Area and create a Master Account—start a new one or continue with your existing trading account.

While profiting from your own daily trading, earn a significant extra income from Investors who copy your winning trading strategies.

Build your successful trading reputation globally! Just share with your network of followers a link from our Social Trading platform to your own profitable trading performance!.

Our platform allows you to decide how much profit share percentage you wish to earn from Investors who copy your profitable trades.

The ability to check the profits of the Investors who follow your trades in real-time.

Create multiple Master Accounts for different strategies. .

How it Works

When you create a Master Trader Account, a commission account will also be created for you.

When Investors start copying your trades, you can receive a share of their profits in your commission account! Your higher performance level improves your chances of having more investors follow you on our Harimaumint platform, which increases your profit share income..

  • Open a new live account from your Dashboard, click Show All , Choose Invest Type - Copy master, then Save.
  • Click on your master account and then click Publish strategy. This will start the publishing wizard that will help you create your strategy. Specify all the required info including your commission and fund allocation type.

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Any Harimaumint client with an cTrader and MT4 account can become a Master Trader. Just go to your Master Area and set up your Master Account.

Go to your Master Area, view Settings, adjust the commission using the slider, and save changes. The new commission will only be charged from the Copiers to subscribe to you after the adjustment. For all other Copiers, the commission amount will remain unchanged.

The profit share, that is a commission, is charged only on profits made by copying the master and is paid each Sunday for the previous week. The performance fee is paid on a weekly or monthly basis according to the settings the masters apply on their strategy pages. The information about the applied settings can be found on the overview card of the strategy section.

You can find all the information about your funds, fees and strategy performance on your master account page inside the Copy Trading platform. The subscribers' page shows your portfolio including the list of all your subscribers, pending and received commissions, subscribers statistics, subscribers' account numbers, the subscription status, the date of subscription, the sum invested in the subscription, profit or loss from the trade and the allocation type.

Your strategy should have a `Published` status and your account should be active. This will allow other traders to find your strategy in the list, subscribe and start to copy your trade.