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Start copying and earning with pro traders

Choose from an array of globally experienced 'Master Traders', to Possibly decide to follow and copy their trades as an 'Investor'.

How to Become a Copier or Subscriber

Advantages of Being an Investor.

By automating the process of copying professional traders, HMC Copytrading saves you the time and effort required to develop your own trading approach.

Beginner to advanced traders alike can benefit from following the sophisticated trading strategies of Master Traders.

Harimaumint has a very intuitive interface that allows for super easy ways to review and follow the results of Master Traders.

Clear and transparent real-time monitoring of the Master Traders performances allows you to decide when to start and stop following their trades.

Keep everything under control.You can stop copying, unsubscribe, or close an order anytime.

Choose professionals you trust from a large number of Master Traders.

Your order is executed less than 5ms after the Master Trader's one.

Automatically and instantly replicate your chosen Master Traders trading in your portfolio .

How it Works

Open an Investor's Account.

Choose from an array of globally experienced 'Master Traders'. Top trading strategies are at your fingertips in real-time to review and possibly decide to follow and copy their trades as an 'Investor'. You will share a percentage of your profits, agreed to in advance with your Master Trader, in return for their successful and profitable trading ideas.

  • Open HMC account and deposit to it.
  • Choose the Investor, and complete the required fields

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Examine the Master Trader’s stats firstly. It includes risk score, gain, profit and loss, number of copiers, commission, orders history, and other statistical data to help you make an informed decision. To start copying, fund your account.

When you subscribe to the Master Trader, you specify the copying proportion and decide whether to add support funds. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of Master Traders simultaneously.

As your broker, we do not charge commissions. You only pay the Master Trader’s commission, which is predetermined and specified individually. Each Master Trader’s stats display the commission size.

You can unsubscribe from the Master Trader and stop copying the orders at any moment. When you unsubscribe, all funds invested with the Master Trader and your profit from copying are credited to your account.

You can withdraw funds from your account. End your subscription to the Master Trader to transfer your investments and profit there. Note that you won’t receive your original investment back if you end your subscription to the Master Trader with a loss. The amount of loss will be subtracted from your initial investment.

You can select the allocation type to specify the proportion in which you’re going to Copy master's positions. The formula helps to calculate the volume (in lots) of the subscriber’s position. If you would like to increase the ratio between your investments and the master’s strategy, then change it in the Ratio field.

Here are the allocation formulas:

By Balance: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * (Subscriber balance / Trader balance)
By Balance * Ratio: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * (Subscriber balance / Trader balance) * Ratio
By Equity: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * (Subscriber equity / Trader equity)
By Equity * Ratio: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * (Subscriber equity / Trader equity) * Ratio
By Ratio: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * Ratio
By Free Margin: Subscriber lot = Trader lot * (Subscriber free margin / Trader free margin)
By Fixed Lot Allocation: Subscriber lot = Ratio

Example 1: Fixed Lot Allocation (Subscriber lot = Ratio). If you set fix lot = 0.03 then all the master's positions will be copied by volume equal to 0.03 (for DJ/NQ/SP/Oil indices, the minimum trading volume is 0.1). In this case, 0.03 lot will be opened for the Subscriber.

Example 2: Allocation by Ratio (Subscriber lot = Trader lot * Ratio). Let’s assume the copying ratio for the subscription is Ratio = 2. A master opens a position Trader lot = 0.5 Then, Subscriber lot = 0.5 * 2 = 1.0 lot will be opened for the subscriber.