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NFT Marketplace


NFT Marketplace


CityScape International collaborates with us to introduce an NFT Marketplace that revolutionizes real estate investment. Utilizing blockchain technology, NFTs represent ownership of realworld properties in digital token form. Fractional tokenization allows properties to be divided into smaller shares, enabling broader access to investment opportunities.



Froctional tokenization makes real estate investment accessible to a broader audience by allowing the purchase of fractional shares instead of the entire property. This empowers small investors to participate in the real estate market.


NFTs offer high liquidity, facilitating ease of buying, selling, and trading on various platforms. Investors can quickly liquidate their investments when desired.


Blockchain technology ensures transparent and immutable records of ownership and transactions, fostering trust and reducing fraud in the real estate market.


Smart contracts automate revenue distribu tion and property management decisions, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Unique ownership

NFTs represent unique digital assets, securing ownership records and preventing fraud.


NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded globally on decentralized platforms.


Tokenization reduces costs associated with buying, selling, and managing properties, making real estate investment more costeffective.



We have partnered with CityScape International, a renowned real estate development company based in Bangladesh.

Their expertise in residential and commercial projects, coupled with their commitment to utilizing modern green technologies, ensures exceptional quality.

With successful ventures in apartments, shopping malls, and commercial buildings in Bangladesh and expansion plans in Dubai, London, and Indonesia, we are united in enhancing property development and achieving mutual growth.

Experience the future of real estate investment through our innovative NFT Marketplace in collaboration with CityScape International.