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Lifetime Deposit Bonus

Make your trading x3 more efficient

Lifetime Deposit Bonus available

A client transfers 100 USD to their trading account. A bonus that the client receives is 10% of 100 USD, which is 10 USD. In order to receive this bonus, the client must trade the required volume that is calculated as follows: 10 USD / 10 = 1 lots. In addition, the required volume of 1 lot must be traded within the period of 90 days.

90 days (TnC Applied).

10% lots requirement from deposit.

180 seconds (3 minutes).

How to get bonus


Sign up or log in

Log in to an existing Harimau Mint Capital account or sign up.


Make a Deposit

Deposit funds and choose the bonus size – from 25% to 200%.


Trade with bonus

Deposit funds and choose the bonus size – from 25% to 200%

We offer flexible & convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds. There is a variety of electronic payment systems, bank cards, and wire transfer options.

Deposit & Withdraw payment option.

Bonus Type

Applicable for all.

Trading Account

All Trading Accounts.


Encourage clients to deposit & trade.

Time & Duration

During Festive seasons such as Independence day / Special Occasions.
Limited to a month or few days based on season.